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Silent Soccer Weekend May 18-19

We will be observing Silent Soccer Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th for all MKSC recreational games.

In support of the initiative the expectation is that all adults will refrain from any shouting or coaching during play. Adults are encouraged to clap and cheer in appreciation of good effort, but otherwise must remain quiet and refrain from providing direction or instruction to players on or off the field.

Silent Soccer is an opportunity to let children play the game their way and solve the game on their own. The best soccer players in the world learned to love the game at an early age playing street soccer, without adults telling them how to play or pressuring them to win. Players need to learn to set their own level of competition and own the result, making mistakes and learning from them.

Thank you for your support to make Silent Soccer a success!

Alvaro Garcia-Velez
MKSC Executive Director
[email protected]


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